In-Floor Radiant Heating: What You Need to Know

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In-Floor Radiant Heating What You Need to KnowIn-floor radiant heating is appealing to many Hatboro commercial property owners because of its energy-saving qualities. Hiring a commercial HVAC contractor to install radiant flooring in your property will offer an effective heating system that uses thermal radiation instead of a conventional forced-air process.

How Does Radiant Heating Work?

In a radiant heating system, thermal radiation rises from electric wires or hot water tubes beneath the floor. These waves of heat warm surfaces and objects that they touch. The air temperature typically remains constant, but people in buildings with radiant heating systems are comfortable because the surfaces aren’t stealing their body heat. The heat is dispersed from the floor to the ceiling, and cold air is pushed to the ceiling. While forced-air heating systems may shut off at 70 degrees, in-floor radiant heating systems can reach 85 degrees in cold weather. Hiring a commercial HVAC contractor to install an in-floor radiant heating system is not as affordable as purchasing other heating options, but the energy savings and increased comfort are often worth the higher price.

Benefits of In-Floor Radiant Heating

  • Easy Installation – Your commercial HVAC contractor can install your radiant heating system with relative ease, especially if installation is added to a renovation project.
  • Energy Efficient – While traditional radiators can produce cold spots where the heat has not evenly dispersed throughout the room, radiant heating systems distribute heat consistently and efficiently, and radiant heating systems don’t overheat like radiators. Because they warm a room so effectively and effortlessly, radiant heating systems require less energy.
  • Safety – Radiant heating provides more safety than traditional radiators, which have hot surfaces and sharp edges. Radiant heating also improves indoor air quality while radiators decrease oxygen levels, circulate dust, and cause discomfort.
  • Versatility – Design options are more numerous without the presence of clunky radiators. Walls can be decorated without planning strategically around radiators, and the space in the room can be maximized. Radiant heating systems can function with any type of flooring, so your flooring options are not limited by this type of heating.

If you’re interested in using radiant heating in your commercial property, contact Aire Pro Commercial Services, an experienced commercial HVAC contractor in Hatboro, and begin to plan the installation of your in-floor radiant heating system.

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