Natural Gas Tankless Water Heaters

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Energy Efficiency Systems, Delaware County, Aire Pro Commercial ServicesIn Europe as well as in Japan, natural gas tankless water heaters are common. Twenty five years ago, tankless water heaters appeared in the United States.

Heat the water used for bathing
Heat the water used for washing clothes.
Dishwasher boosters
Booster for a hot water system (wood-fired or solar)
Heating water for commercial purposes
Heating water that would be used for manufacturing certain products

Tankless Water Heaters

Indeed, there are many households and commercial establishments that utilize tankless water heaters. A tankless water heater is available in natural gas. There are other types of a tankless water heater and it is up to you to choose what is best for your whole house needs or commercial needs.

When a hot water valve is opened, the heating device of a natural gas tankless water heater device will be activated by the water’s flow. The sizes of these devices vary. There are also many ways to install the device, all depending on how its effects will be maximized. 
Installation Ideas:

Central installation (useful for large gas units that would provide all the heating requirements for the whole house or building)
Point of use installation (useful for smaller devices that would be used to heat just that particular washing machine, or that particular shower)

Natural gas tankless water heaters have more output of hot water compared to an electric water heaters. However, it cannot be used to supply hot water simultaneously to other devices. It must be operated separately. For example, when heating water for shower purposes, a natural gas water heater would not be able to supply hot water for laundry purposes. If multi-tasking is really required, then multiple devices could be installed in parallel.

One example of a natural gas tankless water heater available in the market is the Bosch Aquastar. Many have found it very useful for their needs. There are however other providers of the water heating device out there. You can find one if you search diligently. There are also a lot of information that can be found in the internet. In looking for a natural gas tankless water heater, put in mind the peak consumption of hot water for the whole house. This will determine what capacity your device should be.

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