5 Ways Commercial HVAC Services Can Protect Your Building Assets

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5 Ways Commercial HVAC Services Can Protect Your Building AssetsDid you know that a commercial HVAC company can help you protect your building assets? Needless to say, who you choose as your commercial HVAC contractor matters. Hire an experienced technician and they will be able to truly make a difference in your building’s energy performance and the reliability of your heating and cooling equipment.

Take a look at the following ways your local leader in commercial HVAC services can help you protect and improve your building assets.

Energy Savings With HVAC Building Performance Evaluation

A building performance evaluation by an experienced commercial HVAC contractor will help you find problems with energy wastage. This helps you go beyond the obvious problems to help you transform the building into a stronger asset for your company. Your commercial technician can help you optimize the energy performance of your building.

Reliable Equipment With HVAC Maintenance

Your commercial HVAC system needs regular maintenance in order to perform as it should and last longer. Equipment maintenance is the best way to protect your building assets. Whether you operate a business in your commercial building or you rent the space out, you’ll realize many benefits with regular maintenance.

– Increased Performance
– More Reliable Equipment
– Prevents Expensive Repairs
– HVAC System Lasts Longer

Save With HVAC Maintenance Plans

Getting a commercial HVAC maintenance plan is a no-brainer if you want to save money on repairs and other services. Commercial HVAC service companies of all types offer these maintenance plans to help you keep the heating and cooling equipment in better shape.

More Control With Smart HVAC Systems

There are new digital smart technologies available for commercial HVAC systems which can help you to improve the building’s financial performance. Our commercial HVAC technicians offer the Carrier® SMART Service as a proactive strategy of system management and enhanced performance.

The smart HVAC technology analyzes the heating and cooling performance and makes adjustments easy via a wireless connection which can tie into the building’s lighting, security, and other smart systems.

Healthy Building With Healthy HVAC

One of your most important assets of any business is the people who regularly work in the building. Have you ever heard of sick building syndrome that is caused by commercial HVAC systems? Employees, management, clients, and customers can develop symptoms like:

– Headaches
– Respiratory infections
– Nausea
– Eye, nose & throat irritation
– Allergies
– Asthma increases
– Flue-like symptoms

Inspections & Maintenance – Your commercial HVAC contractor can help you avoid sick building syndrome by regularly inspecting the equipment and ductwork to ensure that excess moisture is not causing mold or mildew.

UV Light Installation – Your technician can also help you install UV lights in the commercial HVAC equipment to kill viruses, mold spores, and allergy-causing dust mites.

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