Humidify Your Home This Winter

Posted in: Indoor Air Quality

Green Lane HVAC Contractors, Aire Pro Commercial ServicesThis year our humidity has been horribly low and we aren’t used to it, our homes and our furnishings are taking the toll. Find out more about how a humidifier might be a good idea and what type of humidifier would suit your living situation.

Humidifiers are essential for creating a balanced environment in your Montgomey County home. If the air is too dry, wood and fabrics can be damaged. The air temperature will feel more extreme, hot and cold. The drier your air, the more apparent these effects will become. For example, look at the firewood during the summer and you will see the damage resulting from a lack of water. On the other hand, overly humid air can cause problems in your home as well, so we always suggest a humidistat or hygrometer if your humidifier does not already have one. There are three basic types of humidifiers you can choose from: steaming, ultrasonic, and a wick humidifier.

A steaming humidifier boils water to release a warm vapor into the air. This boiling process destroys many bacteria that are carried into your air with the water, while also removing minerals from the steam. The warm vapor can help to lower heating needs in the winter because moderate humidity will make the air in your home feel warmer.

An ultrasonic humidifier produces nearly no sound and releases a soothing cool vapor into your air. Because no boiling process is involved, the vapor will not add heat to the room. Also, the ultrasonic waves that are used to vaporize the water are well above our hearing range, therefore the unit is entirely silent unless a fan is included.

A wick or “sponge” humidifiers is most common humidifier seen on the market. A wick humidifier will soak up or pump water into mesh material and then push air through the mesh causing some of the water to evaporate; much like an evaporative cooler works. This gives the benefit of a cool mist or cool vapor output. Often wick humidifiers come with filters that must be changed occasionally because they will collect minerals on the filters.

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